Dead Recipe - New Music "Introducing"


My Internet has been broken for the past week or so, luckily I had a few pre-written blog posts to avoid radio silence on here and now, thankfully Virgin Media have sent me a new modem just in time for me to avoid tearing me hair out - just how Internet dependant I am! - my first evening back turned into a random browsing session of bandcamp and soundcloud with the odd email catch-up. I discovered a few bands too, the first of which I'm posting about are Dead Recipe, a trio (quintet?) from Austin, Texas, a town city no doubt in recovery mode after SXSW but their blissful, sweet but not saccharine folk/surf pop tracks could perfectly aid the clean-up process.

I found the band via their Flowers single, available on a pay what you like basis via Bandcamp and I've since discovered a debut album is available via iTunes. "Flowers" takes a glorious, toe-tapping melody and combines it with Camille Lewis' beautifully rich vocal, her warm effervescent voice brings a radiant charm and instant listenability to the track whilst the shuffling beat and easy guitar hooks catch the ear throughout.

The harmony laden "Patterns" is equally pristine and memorable too, here its chiming guitars that leads the way, sparkling easy listening that could be a countrified version of the Spector sound. One thing these two tasters have highlighted is Dead Recipe's effortless knack of blending stylishly crafted songs with a gorgeous, timeless sound.