Desert Stars - Past in the Trash

It's always good to have an email submission that stands out for a reason, I've gone through the dilemmas of a singular person fan-blog on numerous occasions before so I'll save you from that this time but Desert Stars, a five piece from Brooklyn first appealed to me when I saw that their bassist was Jane Herships. She has featured here before in her own right as Spider, a project where delicate guitar twangs and overwhelmingly beautiful vocals could melt hearts. So it was with great interest that I pressed play on the attached soundcloud link, the first track taken from their forthcoming debut full length  "Past in the Trash.

I was instantly hooked with the track" too, not for the quite the same reasons as Spider, although the smoky, alluring instrumentation takes you to same pastures of American West, but because of the tracks lush, layered psychedelia vibe, its hypnotic melody pulls you in almost as much as the smoldering vocals of Janelle Best, dreamily invoking memories of yesteryear whilst even affording time for a dazzling harmonica closure, misty-eyed and overwhelmingly gorgeous this one, stream below and look out for that album due in Spring.