Doe Paoro #2 - Hallelujah


I seem to be saying sorry for forgetting about you a bit recently, here's another case I'm afraid  I posted about Doe Paoro's exquisite debut single "Can't Leave You" over a year ago now, a track so good the only words I could muster together at the time were "holy fucking wow".

A delay from my posting until her album, the rinse-repeat nature of new band blogging and a sheer excess of bands to post about (my draft folder has 150+ bands I'd like to write about give some time) means I've not actually sat down to listen to her album Slow to Love since (available via bandcamp now), a couple of days ago though I discovered Doe Paoro again thanks to a down right gorgeous cover of "Hallelujah" and it's safe to say I'll be aiming to rectify the error in my ways as soon as possible.

The stark instrumentation that accompanies her version, barely more than strongly strummed acoustic and backing harmonies place all the emphasis and power into Doe's soulful vocal, haunting and moving from the get-go, it's a wonderful success and stirs emotions in you that even Mr Cohen would be proud of.