Dutch Barn - New Music "Introducing"


Dipping well into my saved drafts for a long overdue posting now, but one that is actually quite timely for a change, London based quintet Dutch Barn are soon to release their debut album Lighter Later (can't find an official online date just yet) and to give you a taster they've treated us to a free download of the title track (with an album Launch at the wonderful Slaughtered Lamb on April 6th - tickets).

"Lighter Later" introduces an altogether luscious sound, a rich guitar-led melody that is equally warm and reminiscent, bringing memories of happy travels to mind with its perfect fuzzy pop hooks and bright vocal harmonies. I'm not sure if "Everglades pt 1 & 2" is on the album or not but it's quite exceptional nonetheless, at over eight minutes in length it takes you on its own heavenly journey during its course, from the timeless Fleetwood Mac beginnings to the glorious cascading guitars and tight, metronomic drums which burst to life in the middle section of the track before changing again to an up-tempo jangle pop delight. I'm not quite sure how you pigeonhole that, I won't even try but I will heartily recommend you to check out Dutch Barn below.