Eliza Shaddad #2 - Alright Again


Eliza Shaddad has treated us to a gorgeous acoustic session (for Carmel Nights) to a new track called "Alright Again", it's so beautiful/haunting/spine-tingling that here I am writing about it some 25 minutes after I discovered the song without any knowledge of a future release date - hopefully soon - you're too late for a CD copy of last years wonderful debut EP January ~ March but it's still available digitally via bandcamp and you should check that out after pressing play on the video below...

The absolute clarity and control of Eliza's stunning vocals, sung with crystalline precision will hit you first and soon have you quietly listening to her every word which when coupled with the simple, beautiful melody magnifies the narrative of great reflection with exquisite elegance. Simply put, this is just too bloody lovely.

Image by:  'Axx Photography'  www.facebook.com/Axx.Photography