Keebo - New Music "Introducing"


I'll still trying to gradually post blogs that were due ages ago (I don't need to go into my time constraints again), here's one such, London quartet Keebo have been silent so far in 2013 but a handful of tracks posted to their soundcloud towards the back end of last year got me sufficiently excited, they came to my attention via a show with the wonderful Las Kellies last July and their sumptuous cocktail of plentiful melodic fuzz, swirling psychedelia and shared harmonies are sure to win them fans of their own once they return from their silence.

"Hold Me Down" reminds me of early Novella, with an added sheen of slick pop, intricate guitar-work and a funk-laden bass line that creates a danceable groove amongst floating harmonies. A fun, dreamy haze which introduces a band with an ear for a pleasing, sunny rhythm that is loveable from the get-go.

Taking those funk bass-lines further is "The World is Waiting" an irresistibly catchy, bouncy song full of sunshine splashed melody and tribal beats that embed itself in your brain. The glorious "Tell Me When The Beat Turns On" is pure pop with an innocent breeziness and tight musicianship that entrances amongst incredible harmonisations.

Hopefully Keebo's current silence is just a calm before the storm and not a sign of impending nothing for this is a band that deserve to be heard by many.