Kitten and Bear - New Music "Introducing"


I'm drawing between the lines here but Kitten and Bear appear to be the brother / sister paring of Cirencester based Katy & Rob Pearson, there's only one demo on their soundcloud (and a few youtube session videos) to base my gushings on to but the duo's sound is sweet and gorgeous and full of the early signs of promise that blogs like this feed off.

"Falling Off The Track" is the track available to stream and download below and it will fit as the perfect introduction to a simple, clean and beautiful sound with a ukelele strummed melody the sole accompaniment for Katy's vocals, understated and pure, both fragile and strong at the same time. "Say What You Want" is my pick of their sessions to date, a earthly, fresh sound that is sure to draw in many fans as the young band reach new quarters.

My introduction to Kitten and Bear came via Emily and the Woods whom they supported last night, so thanks to her (and I hope the show went well guys).