Lana Del Rey - Chelsea Hotel No 2

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Guaranteed to polarise opinion, Lana Del Rey bridges the gap between last years debut (as LDR nay-sayers) and her forthcoming second album with a faithful cover of Leonard Cohen's "Chelsea Hotel No 2".

Stripped back of all the associated glitz and glam, a softly played acoustic guitar is the sole accompaniment here, putting the focus onto her voice, I'll let you decide if it works for you, I'm sure it's not going to for some Cohen fans who'll say the meaning of the track is lost here but as this is a blog about music I like and after I (and I still stand by it) chose Born To Die as my number one record of 2012 you might be guessing I'll be using words like, beguiling  beautiful, haunting and timeless to describe this.

Form your own opinion below: