Laurelin Kruse - New Music "Introducing"

Last week I did a run after work in the light wearing a t-shirt, I thought Spring was here at long last. I was wrong. Yesterday it was like being caught in a Siberian wind and today is equally frozen, although I appear to have escaped any snow here. To compensate I'm going to bring warmth in the form of music.

Brooklyn via Colorado's Laurelin Kruse released her EP, somewhat aptly titled Winter in Mind in January and its a golden pot of Americana styled folk to transport you to vast, spacey desert plains. Opener "Yarblar" and "Forest Fire" are stomping Jenny Lewis-esque country/blues numbers accented by driving percussion and reverb-drenched guitar perfect for a roaming car journey whilst "Golden Waves closes the EP on a more intimate note as it somewhat eerily moves along with gentle, sparse percussion soothing as Laurelin's achingly beautiful delivery melts heart and soul.

"Jupiter" is the jewel in the crown though, bursting with sultry, melodramatic beauty, twanging guitars and purposefully slow pacing, it instantly takes you to a similar place as a certain Chris Issak track, windswept and forlorn with haunting moodiness and seductive whispers, atmospheric and just down-right gorgeous. You can buy the Winter in Mind EP via bandcamp now.