Life Model - New Music "Introducing"


Life Model are a new five Piece shoegaze/noisepop band from Glasgow, Scotland who have been amassing quite some praise in early 2013 with a trio of tracks that bring 90's era dream pop instantly to mind with spaced-out guitar and drifting ethereal vocals taking the listener on a gorgeous, gauzy journey of sparse ambient bliss.

Those early recordings are now being bundled together via a limited self-titled cassette release due on April 1st via Viscerality Records with a fourth, as yet unreleased track "Persistent" to follow...

Opener "Glazed" sums up Life Model's intent within its title, hypnotizing soundscapes and a prominent bass-line amongst perfectly swirling psychedelia. "Sit Still" is a sugar-coated beauty with gorgeous day-dreaming vocals gliding weightlessly on a bed of soft guitar textures while "Take it Slowly" combines the same hazy atmospherics, floating in and out of conciousness with languid beats and noisy guitar riffs.

These tracks are utterly delicious and I can't wait to see where these guys go next.