Marnie Stern #2 - Immortals

So I may have posted a semi review, semi where the fuck have I been post about Marnie Stern just about 10 days or so ago but the release of a video (hello pillow feathers) for one the best tracks from her exceptional and incredibly well received (check the screen shots of reviews via Marnie's page if you want to see for yourself) new album The Chronicles of Marnia has given me just the ammunition I need (as If I need any, my blog, my rules!) to drool once again, so here I am doing just that..

"Immortals" is an adrenalin filled beast, intense and shrill from the get-go with Marnie's dazzling guitar ability combining with her high-pitched yelps - for three, short and sharp minutes you too will be as enthusiast as the all-male crowd in the videos 'gig' - absolutely killer.

The Chronicles of Marnia came out last week - I got my copy from Rough Trade.