Spotlight Kid #3 - Budge Up

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Spotlight Kid made one of my albums of 2011 (with Disaster Tourist) and spent much of last year touring it. The Nottingham based sextet (although co-vocalist Katty Heath calls Amsterdam home and was even a contestant in the Dutch version of The Voice) have also been busy recording their second full length, the first track from which saw the light last week in the form of the Todd Howe (The Boxer Rebellion - who themselves return with album four soon) produced "Budge Up"...

It shares much with the Dinosaur Jr song "Budge" (a few words and tune) but is made entirely their own by enormous, haunting swathes of sound that prevail with spectral guitars layered amongst epic sized swirls, pummelling beats and ethereal, daydreaming vocals. Glistening with a beautifully melodic sheen, moulding shoegazing past with dream-pop present "Budge Up" is a more than welcome addition to the ever impressive Spotlight Kid portfolio. The track is available to download via Saint Marie Records now.

A warning that the accompanying video (see below) is not suitable for all / work / school due to the graphic scenes.