The Boxer Rebellion #5 - Diamonds

I went through my history with The Boxer Rebellion when I last featured the quartet last November so I'll avoid repeating myself here and head straight for the news, the first track taken from the bands forthcoming fourth LP (as yet details unknown about its release but a UK show has been announced for October - at the Forum - quite the venue for TBR to be playing) "Diamonds", which was shared with the world yesterday and instantly takes heart amongst the bands ever growing catalogue of diverse, perfectly crafted beauties.

Built around layered simplicity "Diamonds" is on the first listen an ethereal, mid-tempo track with swirling atmosphere built around chiming guitars and melancholic beats but progresses with each listen as the emotion slowly leaks out of the track, tinged with hope and reflection "Diamonds" is haunting and exquisite and yet another wonderful track by one of London's finest bands.