The River Cry - New Music "Introducing"

I've already posted one haunting beauty of a track today so lets quickly follow it up with another, The River Cry is the debut album and solo project of the former bass player of JJ72, Hilary Woods. If you're expecting a trip back to the 'glorious' early 2000's look away, The River Cry is an atmospheric, emotive album full of ethereal landscapes, minimal instrumentation and delicate vocals.

"Sleep Baby Sleep" is a haunting, spacious track that sets the tone for the record, there's a real organic and natural feel as you traverse through the eight track album. Sparse piano strokes provide the sole backing for Hilary's soft, hushed vocals on much of the album with the closing track "Raise The Red Lantern" particularly effective amongst textured guitar effects and "The Devil Knows" the serve-ball changing the melodrama for raw, experimentation with rugged guitars and brooding drums. Quite exceptional.