Varg - New Music "Introducing"

Here's a band I found very hard to search for, it appears there's a slightly more successful German metal band that share their name with the Swedish folk trio I'm posting about now. Just my cup of tea that...

Varg recently released their debut self-titled EP via Jämmerdosa and it's pretty safe to say it's captured my heart, a real feast for the senses with beautifully natural, vivid landscapes that flutter between Mountain Man harmonisations and the serenity and calmness of Bon Iver.

"You" and "Forest" are both magical, enchanting body and spirit through a soft acoustic sound where subtle textures belie the instrumental simplicity but it's "Wolves" that is perhaps the highlight. As haunting vocals grow with power and presence,the building melody gradually gives up its majestic treasures with beguiling results, Varg wraps you in a blanket of soft, soothing blanket that you really don't want to ever leave.

Stream the EP in full below and order via the band's website.

VARG - "Wolves" from The Jazz Sessions on Vimeo.