WALL #3 - Left To Wonder


When I last mentioned WALL I surmised about Lyla Foy's sparse and delicate soundscapes with minimal beats and swirling synths easing you into Lyla's intimate, hushed vocals, the result is sweet, blissful and guaranteed to leave you feeling all weak at the knees. That description was for the heavenly "Shoestring", the lead track taken from the Wall's debut EP of the same name (due for release on April 1st - digital pre-order).

I could use almost identical words for the next track I've heard too, "Left To Wonder" is overwhelming beautiful and soothing with haunting, ambient synth textures and soft electronic beats. There's little more backing needed, it puts the focus on Lyla's voice and what a gorgeous one it is, sending you to somewhere much prettier than the four walls I'm currently look it.

Wall plays her biggest headlining show to date at London's Bush Hall on the 11th of April.