Witch Hunt - New Music "Introducing"


Witch Hunt first came to my attention via multiple postings by Flying With Anna late last year and I've been waiting for the right time to post about them myself, the announcement of Crawl, the second single from the Leeds based duo (of Louisa Osborn & Chris Mulligan) is precisely that.

Compelling from the first listen "Crawl" is predominately stark, atmospheric guitar circles with equal parts shimmer and claustrophobia and Louisa's outstanding, rich lead vocals which backed in unison by Chris's foreboding harmonies combine to haunting yet strangely seductive effect. The nearest comparisons I can come up with is a melting pot of Creatures of Love, Bird and Curxes. Something like that, I don't like comparisons anyway so perhaps scratch that line!

Their first single is long sold out (boo) but "Crawl" is released via Dead Young Records on April 22nd and is limited to just 200 copies - order quickly from Bandcamp now.