Alice Jemima #10 - Nightcall (Kavinsky Cover)

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Hello April, no April Fools here, hope you had a good Easter. I ran 20 miles and took the weekend offline. Now I return with a post I meant to do on Friday when Alice Jemima released a little, intimate cover version of "Nightcall" by Kavinsky (famous for its placing on the Drive soundtrack - something Alice has seemingly found herself listening to recently).

Her version, just like earlier takes of Lana Del Rey's "Million Dollar Man", a seasonal cover of "Driving Home For Christmas" or Strangers' "Safe / Pain" strips the track bare, gone are the originals distorted / alluring vocal duet and cool retro-synth melody and in their stead Alice replaces them with a comforting fingerpicked waltz and a caressing vocals which reveals the tracks beautiful inner heart and takes you to the softest, sweetest place imaginable.