Chelsea Wolfe #9 - Fight Like Gods

Hope all of you who set out to enjoy Record Store Day did just that, mine was relatively successful if not quite my normal because I had my daughter in tow. I walked into Rough Trade West at about 3pm, handed my list to the guy behind the counter and they had all six records I wanted, add in an No Joy LP and I was walking out of the shop ten minutes later. No rummaging through the racks this year for miscellaneous treats as I'd promised a trip to get waffles and milk not vinyl! Anyway, one I didn't have on my list because it was a US only release was a split 7" with Chelsea Wolfe and King Dude, the latter I've not heard of, the former I have, and featured here on numerous occasions...

Chelsea's track is a new one, "Fight Like Gods", which like so many of her songs it exists in the half light, doom-laden drums, heavy guitar chords swathed in distortion and a raw and painful mood lead the purposely slow paced, sprawling track. For much of the duration it threatens to spill out to the dark, half demented highs of a "Demons" or "Mer" but it remains restrained and anguished and is beautiful for it, like her more recent acoustic LP, "Fight Like Gods" is haunting as well as bone-chilling and unnerving yet still somehow softly it soothes. The last minute is just spine-tingling. Chelsea Wolfe, yet again, confirms herself as one of the most breathtaking musicians of today.

I'm also very happy that Chelsea starts a month long UK/Euro tour this week hitting London's Cargo (I hate this place and am breaking my avoiding of it for one night only!) on May 9th - full dates.