Eilidh Hadden - New Music "Introducing"


I'm always slow to process my inbox, this discovery owes much to my submission box, I received an email on April 3rd and here I am just listening to it, what can I say, if you want a 'buzz blog' you best look somewhere else! Eilidh Hadden is from Perthshire, Scotland and her debut track "Close to Home" has just been released. That's about all I know and to be honest what more do you need to.

When I first pressed play on the track my initial reaction was "Robin at Breaking More Waves is going to love this", so I checked his wonderful blog and low and behold he's already covered the track a few days ago. "Close to Home" is a big, brooding synth-pop monster that's surely going to hit the clubs and radio as it builds steam and praise, an infectious "ah-oh" chorus soars around thunderous synths and heavy drums - dark and euphoric, this is a real crowd pleaser in the making.

"Close to Home" is available now on iTunes.