Golden Fable #4 - Crossfire


Golden Fable return with an alternative version of "Crossfire" from last years wonderful Star Map LP, a record that was one of my 2012 albums of the year - I highly recommend you to get the special edition from their Bandcamp too - it comes with some to die for acoustic version and a rather snazzy poster edition all put together by the band themselves.

Speaking of to die for, this updated version of "Crossfire" is absolutely gorgeous, the very definition of calm and serenity it fits somewhere in between the two versions of the track I already knew. The album version combines spluttering drum machine ticks and synths whereas the the acoustic version twinkles with slow-motion keys, Rebecca's uniquely choral tones and little else. Now we've the best of the two with the added pitter-patter of soft drums resulting in something that will send beautiful chills right through your body.

A band already know for its genuine, ethereal grace comes up trumps yet again - bloody lovely this is! "Crossfire" is released on June 3rd backed with a pair of remixes - available from Bandcamp.