Hella Better Dancer #4 - Sleep


One of this blog's favourites Hella Better Dancer have kick started your post-Easter music fix with a free download of a new demo track "Sleep", the first new material heard from the quartet for about a year now (thankfully I've seen them live a few times over the same period)....

Recorded via a laptop's internal microphone, the same process that resulted in last years immersive Living Room EP "Sleep" glistens with equal sense of drama and melancholy, drenched in reverb the languid melody (well that's to be expected in a track called "Sleep") is sparse whilst the shimmering guitar textures and beautiful harmonies are heart-melting and rich, circling around Tilly's immediately identifiable honey-drenched vocals, it's the very definition of gorgeous indeed.

If you are new to HBD there are bountiful treasures to be found on their Bandcamp.