Just Handshakes #3 - Say It (Album Release)

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The long awaited news of Just Handshakes' debut album is finally with us, Say It will be released on May 20th via Bleeding Gold Records and is available to pre-order now via Bandcamp (Bleeding Gold for US orders) with a limited purple marbled vinyl heading my way soon.

If that and the shimmering excellence of the recently released "London Bound" weren't enough good news for you, we've been treated to another teaser track from the album in the form of the absolutely beautiful "Bright Lights", which plays to the bands softer, melodic side with swirling keys and Clara Patrick's striking, sweetly toned vocals melting hearts as it builds elegantly to a jaunty, percussive finale that leaves me wanting nothing more than to hear that album in full - patience is a virtue I'm yet to master!