Las Kellies #3 - Golden Love


I've posted about my introduction and initial love affair with Las Kellies a couple of times here already so I'll save you that again and head straight for the new, the Argentine trio last week shared the first track from their forthcoming fourth album "Golden Love", which merges elements of dub, psych, reggae, disco and more with their distinct raw, eclectic garage-pop rhythms.

In fact "Golden Love" is more slow motion dub than anything heard from Las Kellies before, the fleetingly short track instantly sounds like it would fit right into a late-night, 3am come down mix tape with an accompanying video which only adds to the trippy vibes. Sure the throbbing bass rhythms which make up so much of the intensity of their live show are still apparent but the lackadaisical beats and soft, dreamy vocals which float above the track sound more beautiful and immersive than anything heard from the band before, instantly sexy and intoxicating, it's fair to say I'm still smitten.

European dates are promised very soon and are very much dates to look out for.

Las Kellies - Golden Love from fire records on Vimeo.