Las Robertas #2 - Dissected Affair

I somehow managed to completely overlook this on release, Las Robertas released the three track Dissected Affair EP as long ago as last December, I can only blame the Christmas season for missing it first time around but I'm glad I finally found the release on a random Internet trawl the other day....

The Costa Rican trio came to my attention with a heavy, scuzzed-up garage-rock show at The Lexington as long ago as almost two years, "Dissected Affair" retains much of the character I remember from that show, short and sharp, rattled through at a blistering pace, where fuzzed up guitar riffs buzz off crashing drums and nonchalant vocal harmonies. The hazy sun drenched vibe which partly apparent on their debut full-length Cry Out Loud has been replaced by a darker, more intense noise assault.

Similar things can be said for "Seconds Away" which thunders around a heavy, rhythmic bass riff and dreamy harmonies which catapult half-way through with a punky burst of punctured, shrill melody - it maybe lunch-time, I maybe stuck in the office when I'd rather be outside in the sun but Las Robertas make me want to grab a beer and nod my head in approval whilst lapping up the atmosphere of a festival (my days of "moshing" are all but gone!).

You can order the 7", released via Art Fag from Norman Records in the UK now.