Laura Marling #9 - Master Hunter / When Brave Bird Saved

Laura Marling, still only 23, just about to release her fourth album and already possessing the sort of timeless ability to bring together people from all genres in awe of her talent and incredible song-writing talent. Recent slots on Jools Holland and an eighteen minute film entitled "When Brave Bird Saved" (both posted below) have simply left me breathless, the film features the first four tracks from the forthcoming album Once I Was An Eagle (due May 27th - order for LM Store). With its vivid imagery accompanying songs exploring the darker themes for which Laura Marling has almost become accustomed to it is quite the watch and rewards those patient enough to sit still with music for eighteen minutes.

"I Am An Eagle" stands-out with stark, ambient instrumentation which rises and falls with rich flourishes which only add depth and beauty to it, the Jools Holland version of "Once" is simple and beguiling. Spared-back and solo is arguably where Laura strikes hardest and here her acoustic plucks and devastating tone are pure, heartfelt and beautiful. There's also a stream from the album online, "Master Hunter" is far away from the sparseness of the solo set, it dazzles with complex arrangements and organic percussion, bold, powerful and adventurous. Laura Marling, you are a Master indeed.