Misty's Big Adventure - Aggression


Another band I've got a long relationship with who've some how not featured here before are Misty's Big Adventure, I'm honest enough to say I don't think I've even seen them live for a good couple of years now but I have seen them about ten times over the years since I first discovered them via The Zutons at Shepherds Bush Empire in late 2004,  if I looked through my photo albums they'll be a picture of me with Grandmaster Gareth from Glastonbury 2005, not long after he'd appeared on stage with the aforementioned group and back in the mid 2000's, their first two proper albums The Solar Hi-Fi System and The Black Hole were staples of my listening agenda - that was before I wrote a blog and spent nearly every spare second on the search for something new to write about! They also had the most wonderful track which featured Noddy Holder, the brilliant "Fashion Parade" and a Christmas song about Jam Jars.

Unique and captivating every time you heard them their lyrics are always intelligent and socially aware yet merging ska, pop, psychedelia with just about every other genre imaginable they make it sound like the most fun ever. With the most excitable melodies (and that's without even mentioning Erotic Volvo who would jump around the stage and venue with boundless enthusiasm), infectious hooks and unrivaled energy their live show is second to none and manages to get even stalwart miserablists like myself perhaps half-dancing around them. A gig at London's sadly defunct Metro and at The 100 Club just after I'd seen Apartment play stand-out as much as any.

Those nostalgia fueled paragraphs lead to 2013, Misty's Big Adventure have a new single and Grandmaster Gareth has a new album due imminently, "Aggression" is the Birmingham groups latest video and it's easily the best one I've seen for ages. Just like a trip up your high street at 2am on Sunday morning, a half depressing, half amusing story of a modern society in crisis backed by an uplifting ska beat and a chorus that is guaranteed to embed itself in your brain. A track only Misty's Big Adventure could make, simply marvelous.

I've also included a video for a track from the vault, the magnificent "Story of Love".