Old Colours - New Music "Introducing"

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I think I came across Old Colours via Bandcamp Collections - a great follow and find new bands tool where all your purchases are nicely ordered and people can listen to them in one easy place and get emails as and when you update your list too. Anyway I'm here on BC commission or as part of their marketing team so I'll head on with the meaning of this post, Old Colours are an indie-folk quartet from Swindon led by the serenely gorgeous vocals of Zoe Mead and the combination of flourishing choruses and shiver inducing melodies on their debut EP Mountains has me instantly won over.

Opening track "Giants" introduces their dynamic well, a sound that doesn't fit within one genre, Zoe's soft, delicate voice reminds you of Lucy Rose whilst the purposeful build-up of melody is more reminiscent of a slightly more radio friendly Lanterns on the Lake, starting all soft and gorgeous with twinkling xylophone before building with shimmering guitar textures and increasingly purposeful percussion to a cinematic, evocative finale.

A similar methodology is adopted on "Centre Line" which starts as a sweet, graceful pop song before the beautiful arrangements increase in tempo and dynamic amongst a swooning tapestry of strings and understated melody whilst "As We Run" could perhaps be even better, haunting and ethereal at the outset it builds glacial like with a driving crescendo of percussion and keys to an epically atmospheric end. Wistful, emotive and as pretty as a flower - a perfect combination then.

Mountains was self-released last month and is available digitally via bandcamp now.