Ottilia #2 - and Then He Said (demo)

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Every so often you hear a voice and a talent so apparent that you wonder why the artist in question hasn't already 'broken through' - in a relative sense of course, the acts I'm posting about here are rarely likely to become the next Beyonce or something - Ottilia is definitely one of those, perhaps it's still early days for her after moving to London from her native Sweden last year (I think) and the signs are good - lauded by Communion, decent support slots and increasing blog support but when I listen to her self-released single release which I posted about here last November and then, this a newly shared track, just a demo and still in rough form, "...and Then He Said" I'm instantly pulled in by her devastating voice and lovelorn, heartfelt lyrics that is made to be heard by more than her current 340 facebook 'likes'.

The demo doesn't need much to send shivers down my spine, just rugged guitar and Ottilia's expressive vocals. Minimalism can sometimes be the most striking and this intoxicating beauty is just that. Don't say I didn't tell you so.