Rainer - New Music "Introducing"


I can't tell you too much about Rainer, a new act from London who came to my attention through The Great Escape line-up announcement so I won't try and guess whom they maybe (though the voice sounds somewhat strikingly familiar) and instead will dive straight into the two tracks available online (available to stream / download below)...

Both introduce a minimal, stark songcraft with ghostly voices and skeletal arrangements, "Silence" sounds like it belongs to another time with choral harmonies and beautifully nightmarish synth arrangements, stripping away much and the music put the emphasis firmly onto the lyrics and vocals which are raw and intimate, haunting whispers that pierce straight into your soul, whilst "Swallow" is even more introverted with elongated chords echoing around subtle arrangements with soaring, graceful vocals that are eerie and melancholic but also soft and tender. A beautiful introduction indeed.