Savages #5 - Shut Up

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Before the much anticipated release of Savages debut album we've been treated, and I really do mean treated, to another track taken from Silence Yourself - due May 6 via Matador and their own Pop Noire label - "Shut Up" comes as a short film with a  minute long monologue by Jehn, the premise of which I've seen quite a bit of press coverage about recently - turn your phones off at gigs...

My view is fans taking pictures (and increasingly 'professional' photographers with DSLR's standing directly in front of the artists) is fine in limited moderation, and by that I mean three of four pictures during the first song or two, any more than that and you detract from the experience you are meant to be experiencing. I could re-count numerous examples where I've be pushed out of the way by people eager to get a better shot or where my view has been blocked by someone with their arms in the air snapping what will be a terrible photo for Instagram or where I've had the sound of a DSLR 'clicking' in my ear literally throughout a whole set because a photographer is taking literally hundreds of pictures that will know doubt never see the light of day. It's a problem for you but I also think people should be allowed to have a memento, picture, memory of a gig if they so desire - a sensible, polite balance is what is needed. Unfortunately sense is something that seven pints of of Stella wipes away!

I listened to the bands earlier EP I Am Here whilst I was running on the treadmill yesterday, it was the perfect experience (I'm sure the band wouldn't like to hear that!) where the propulsive energy of the bands rhythm section and the raw, intensity of the venomous vocals literally propelled me forward and raised the tempo of my heart-beat as I progressed with the run, "Shut Up" could do much the same, ferocious, assertive and instantly Savages. In other words, brilliant.