September Girls #6 - Talking

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The welcome return of September Girls now with a rather awesome animated video for their new single "Talking" (which you can order on digital / 7" via Art For Blind Records), you'll want to do that as soon as you've finished listening below, playing to the quintet's paranoid, psychedelic side "Talking" rattles along with precise percussion, meaty bass and swirling keys whilst the girls alternating harmonies float around in a Spector Group gone psycho-stalker kinda way. The accompanying video really is great, as Powerpuff Girls they save the world from all sorts of monsters whilst playing a rather excellent tune, all without breaking sweat of course.

The flip side "Some For Me" isn't quite as dark and suffocating but still rumbles with spacey, jagged guitar and throbbing bass, here though the vocals are lighter, softer and the melody more bright and upbeat, it makes me wish it was sunny and that the September Girls had a London show soon. They don't yet but you Northern sorts can check them out at Manchester's Sounds From The Other City Festival on May 5th.