Serafina Steer - Disco Compilation

Back in January I named Serafina Steer's latest album The Moths are Real as my 'album of the month' alongside a joint 'Gig of the Month' for its release show at St Leonard's Church in Shoreditch, where the album was actually recorded.

It's been a much played album since so it pleased me to see that as a special release for Record Store Day Serafina released one of its undoubted highlights as a limited 7" single, "Disco Compilation" sees the fluttering harp and soft, delicate melodies which make up much of the Jarvis Cocker produced LP switch for (and somewhat apparent given the title) a funky, disco beat. Sure the intimate, often beautiful parts are there still but Serafina's pure vocals and intricately woven harp plucks become secondary to a real dance-floor number as the synths really kick in during the second half of the track. I've never seen so much wobbling jelly either!