Souvenir Stand #2 - Days

Not for the first time writing this blog has led to me working with an artist I've previously covered with praise via my primarily labour-of-love independent label/events name of Beautiful Strange, when I wrote about Stephanie Cupo's Souvenir Stand project last June little did I know I'd be involved putting out her debut physical release some nine months later, it's taken a while to get here but today saw the debut of lead track from the four track EP Days via Impose Magazine (a release which brings together Stephanie's Days I've Spent With You EP with new track "Wherever You Go").

I've said before but I don't think it's cool to overly praise things you've got a vested interest in, the fact I'm helping release it is proof of my love for the music in itself, so I'll let other blogs add critical praise to this release and will instead just point you the way of the accompanying "Wherever I Go", which you can find below.

You can order the limited edition orange cassette via the Beautiful Strange Bandcamp and get "Wherever You Go" now. Eternal love will be yours!