Tape Waves - New Music "Introducing"

Facebook / tapewaves.bandcamp.com

I've Seapony to thank for this discovery, they posted up the Charleston duo of Jarod Weldin and Kim Hart to their Facebook last week with a simple 'we think you'll like this' recommendation. Sure enough, they were right. I don't have too much more to go on about the duo at present, they are recording under the name Tape Waves, thats about all I need. An empty facebook has just been set up so I'm sure they'll be more all in good time...

From two tracks up on their bandcamp (and available to download on a pay-what-you-like basis) Tape Waves already have that sweet, dreamy, lo-fi sound nailed on. "Ready Now" is utterly beautiful, a breezy melody twinkles with soft percussion and calming vocals and "Wherever I Go" has a more surf-pop guitar riff echoing around rat-a-tat percussion and the airy, whispered vocals which blissfully calm and sooth, just the two tracks so far yes, but two that are effortlessly simple yet so deliciously charming that I'm already hooked, summer, I welcome you.