The Crayon Set - New Music "Introducing"

The last three days have seen summer finally arrive on our shores (although I'll ignore the fact that the weather looks like dropping again from tomorrow), I went for a lovely evening run on Tuesday and it actually made me feel glad to be outside, something that's definitely been missing recently. When Summer's here and BBQ's are flowing there is no better music than indie-pop as far as I'm concerned and Dublin eight-piece The Crayon Set are the latest band who'll be finding themselves on my summer playlists with their self released, self-titled debut album which came out last week (and available via Bandcamp on digital / CD).

Lead track "I Wanted You" is pure pop at its loveliest, a mood which prevails throughout much of the album, with bright, charming melodies and perfect, sophisticated instrumentation around pretty as a flower vocals and to-die-for harmonisation. It's an album full of beautifully crafted songs that are sometimes melancholic ("Sickdays" /"The Art of Letting Go"), sometimes gorgeous ("K+J=O"), sometimes joyful ("Drifting Closer to the Sun" / "No 1. Fan") but always affectionate and warm.

With traditional upbeat, indie-pop arrangements backed up by gorgeous string flourishes it's a colourful, shining album that is infectious from start to finish, with the rockier bite of Tender Trap being recalled on tracks like "Breakdown" and "No 1. Fan" where chugging riffs and precise percussion swirl around heavenly harmonies I can see The Crayon Set appealing to people from all genre spectrums too. Listen to a few selections below and in full on Bandcamp.