The Disraeli Gears #3 - Back Of My Eyes

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Here's a belated catch up with something I missed when it was first shared last month by a band who I've so far covered 100% of their material (and I wouldn't want to break that now would I!).

Leeds quartet The Disraeli Gears released a gorgeously shot live session video to a new track called "Back Of My Eyes" and it's got me all smouldering and wishing I could make their live gig in London tomorrow (although I wouldn't change where I will be for the world - Meat Loaf's The Final Tour rolls into London), that gig alongside Anna Lena & The Orchids promises to be a good one though so perhaps you should go in my stead...

"Back Of My Eyes" is outstanding, building effortlessly with beautiful, emotive grace around Teia Fregona's sumptuous vocal lead and textured guitars, the hazy, languid rhythm it slowly, surely emits power and strikes the perfect balance between atmospheric rock and serenely gorgeous melody. The track is due to be a part of the bands forthcoming EP, due this summer, one to keep an eye out for.