The Joy Formidable #18 - A Minute's Silence

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One of the (many) great things about The Joy Formidable is that they are never scared of trying something different, a relentless touring schedule over the past three years has led to numerous bespoke releases including a bootleg CD, a live CD, a couple of EP's and now their latest offering for Record Store Day (and somewhat more appealing to collectors than the earlier "Whirring" re-issue to boot).

The A-side is an exclusive number called "A Minute's Silence", which through Ritzy's deep and dark vocal performance and a beautiful melody of chiming piano and luscious strings is as striking as any of the 'stadium-sized' arrangements that dominate their latest LP Wolf's Law. Increasingly the words stark and atmospheric have not been key identifiers of the bands sound and I'm glad to see this little treat shows that The Joy Formidable don't have to be just loud - though sometimes loud is just fine - to be spectacular.

"A Minute's Silence" is available on Record Store Day, tomorrow, on 12" vinyl backed with a cover of Bruce Springsteen's "Badlands", remaining copies come online a week tomorrow - A1 in my list of RSD wants.