The Sinclair Sinclair #3 - Everyone Around Me Is Desperate for Love /

I'm going to be using similar words now to my last post, sorry about that. I usually try and shift blogs around so two posts in a row aren't from the same genre, sometimes though I hear a track and need to (pretty much) instantly write about it, that's what has happened today...

The Sinclair Sinclair had me hooked from the word go, their debut release "Feel" wrapped soft, alluring textures around beautifully haunting, emotive soundscapes that glistened with crystalline synths and precise percussion. The result was rather bloody gorgeous. That was shortly followed by an equally ethereal EP The Dreamers of Dreams, where smouldering slow-motion melodies sent shivers down your spine, intoxicating and dreamlike. Now they return with a full band setup and a live video for one of the EP's tracks "Everyone Around Me Is Desperate for Love", which ;succinctly put is restrained, effortless and utterly, utterly brilliant.

Hopefully it's a sign of more 'live' things to come soon. I know I'll be one of the first listeners. You can download The Dreamers of Dreams EP via Bandcamp for free. If you haven't, do so, I guarantee it'll make your day all the better.