Tideup - New Music "Introducing"


Tideup is the Orlando duo of Ben Guzman (instrumentals) and Noelle Indovino (vocals), they give their debut four track EP In Curses You Came the description "An Underwater Dream", as fitting as anything to describe their luxurious electronic pop sound...

The first track I heard "Walk" sets the scene for their gorgeous music, butterfly soft with restrained beats and melodic synths it instantly saturates your mind with soothing, blissful atmosphere and haunting beauty.

"Beaches" continues with the languorous mood, soft, sweet psychedelic soundscapes for hazy days and melancholy nights while the title track "In Curses You Came" recalls Twin Sister with Noelle's ethereal, breathy, wonderful vocals shining amongst kaleidoscopic instrumentation, where bass-line riffs and glistening synths mix to swoonsome effect  - just as EP has me swooning all over it. Available digitally now via Bandcamp.