Tripwires #2 - Catherine, I Feel Sick


Tripwires return with news of an album and a track which sounds well nothing like anything heard from Tripwires before, where earlier tracks "Emerald" and "Cinnamon" were adrenaline pumping rushes of deliciously fuzzed-up guitar brutality over hazy, shimmering melody new track "Catherine, I Feel Sick" is spacey, luscious and beautiful.

Languid guitar and woozy melody create a dark and deep pysch-rock atmosphere that's just perfect to lost within, a track which whilst different in style rewards listeners willing to explore its depths equally.

The Reading quartet's long over-due debut album Spacehopper is coming out through Frenchkiss Records on June 18th, with the band playing London's Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen on May 2nd. They will also be at The Great Escape festival two weeks later.