Anna & The Orchids #5 - View Of My Sanity (Video)

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It's rare for my to re-tread previously worn paths and post about a song I've already done but that's what I'm going today after I was blown away by the beauty of the accompanying video for Anna Lena & The Orchids "View Of My Sanity", a rich, emotive track that is brought to life with a stark and plaintive video as equally mesmerising as the twinkling piano and the dramatic atmosphere that wraps around you like a blanket on a cold winters night.

I've also posted a stream for the EP's opening track "See It In Black", another slow-building beauty that comes to life around a dark, controlled mood and subdued instrumentation with the almost eerie harmonies as beautiful as they are tinged with sadness and regret. As considered and luxurious an EP as you'll hear this year, the self-titled Anna Lena & The Orchids is available to download and on CD/10" Vinyl via Bandcamp now.