Editors #4 - A Ton of Love


Editors have been one of my favourite bands since I first saw them at the turn of 2005, their debut album The Back Room is a stunning collection of songs that stands the test of time while their third album In This Light and On This Evening highlighted another side to the band and is in my opinion their best yet, a few changes have happened over the past couple of years though, Chris Urbanowicz left the band and in have come Justin Lockey and Elliott Williams. Yesterday the first track featuring the new members hit the Internet...

"A Ton of Love" is the first preview to Editors fourth album The Weight of Your Love (due for release on July 1st via PAIS and is available to pre-order on a variety of formats including a signed, deluxe edition with a bonus CD with additional tracks - that's good enough incentive for me!) and to be honest if you took away Tom Smith's booming, signature vocals there's not too much that shouts 'Editors' out at you.

Easily the most upbeat song we've heard from the band to date it harks more to Simple Minds than Joy Division, big, bright rock made for big arenas. One track is too early to decide if that's a good thing or not but "A Ton of Love" instantly grabs you with both barrels and blasts you into submission with a mix of pop-hooks, swirling synths and heavy drum beats - a song that will make people sit up and take notice of the band again, of that, I am certain.