Embers #5 - Part Of The Echoes

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They'll be more on this band over the next few days as I go through The Great Escape in full but news of a single release by Embers commands instant attention"Part of the Echoes" might not be a new track to all after its release on the Gorton Monastery live videos late last year (included again below) but this mastered, studio version brings the Manchester quartet's widescreen sound to a whole new level...

If "Part of the Echoes" is your introduction to Embers, get ready to have your mind blown, the intense and powerhouse sound produced is never short of epic and apocalyptic as guitars shimmer, drums pummel and violins soar creating an immense, anxiety filled crescendo of beautiful noise that never stops for breathe, if the end of the world is coming, Embers are the band you want to be soundtracking it.

The track is due for release on July 8th via Killing Moon Records and you can order the limited edition clear vinyl now via Big Cartel - don't dilly dally.