ForgetMeKnot - New Music "Introducing"

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On my last post I was talking about having a penchant for 'Old American West' soundscapes, well perhaps even higher up on my infatuation stakes are glorious, soft harmonies and understated, comforting instrumentation. Here to give me just that is the Bristol based ForgetMeKnot, a septet led by a quartet of female vocalists, I'm almost hooked before I even press play.

Thankfully I'm not disappointed. Everything about their four track debut EP Dust is unfailingly lovely and given their name I'm going to chuck the old pretty-as-a-flower superlative in here too, it is though, "Monsters" combines subtle guitar plucks and divine vocals, it tugs right at your heart-strings as the entwining vocals blend around each other in a beautifully captivating way. "Footprints" is slightly more expansive, slowly weaving a piano-led tapestry with lovelorn words, goosebumps soon follow.

You can download the EP via Bandcamp now.