Lockets #5 - Surrender

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Every now and then a band comes along that you love and cherish and hold close to you heart no matter if you are listening to them or not, Lockets were one of those bands for me last year after a series of knock-out single that I covered with glowing praise here. Later it was a great honour that my little label Beautiful Strange put out the Philly duo's debut LP Camera Shy on vinyl - a limited release which you can stream via Bandcamp (US via http://lockets.bandcamp.com/).

Now there's more good news, "Surrender" is the lead track from a new 7" single that will be released on July 8/9th (available now digitally via the Lockets BC link above) with the first 50 vinyl pre-orders (25 UK / 25 US) coming with a limited art print of the cover - I can't wait to share that with you - the vinyl pre-order link is coming very soon.

As I've said before, I'll let others critique Beautiful Strange releases so I'll quote from yesterday's premiére via Beautiful Decay; "the lush song is filled with big beats and huge synths and Todd from the band says, “this is probably the most pop oriented track we’ve done”. You're going to love it.