London Grammar - Wasting My Young Years


Two birds with one post here, an introduction to The Great Escape, which I will be focusing on next week and a post on a band whom I've been toying with blogging about for a while - the only reason I've not until now is the track in question has 142k plays already and is not really in need of the additional limited attention from my small-fry ramblings.

I was asked who my 'must see acts' for The Great Escape (now only two weeks away) were on twitter last night by a very nice follower of mine with impeccable music taste, I listed a half dozen or so acts I intend to see who I've not before (they all feature on my preview of the festival). That's my aim of The Great Escape - to check out and discover new bands. One act I never listed but easily could have were London Grammar, one of the years success stories for sure, Hannah Reid has such a huge, beautiful voice and their latest release "Wasting My Young Years", the follow-up to their immaculate debut release Metal & Dust, is easily their finest track yet, as the track builds with graceful yet soaring grandeur through piano led twinklings and smooth electro-beats it's her stunning voice that remains with you longest.

To bring his little post back in touch with The Great Escape, London Grammar are playing St Bartholomew's Church on Thursday evening before Tom Odell, another of the festivals biggest names and the gig IS going to be vastly over-subscribed (whilst undoubtedly a potential festival highlight) so please if you want to go and see them, read my only piece of advise on the matter - get there early!