Rules - New Music "Introducing"


Rules are a new London based quintet whose members have been in a few other bands I could mention but won't, instead I'm going to head straight into their debut release, a demo of a track entitled "What's Changed?", shared just a couple of days ago...

It promises to be the first track of many, a statement on their Facebook says they plan to: 'digitally release a new song on the first Monday of each month for free from July 2013 with an accompanying photo and video. Followed by a physical E.P. release in December 2013 featuring all previous tracks'.

Consider this the aperitif then, and quite the... "What's Changed" is three minutes of introspective, stark beauty. A slow-motion calypso melody emerges with intricate guitar patterns leading restrained drums and this beguiling, female voice which is smooth and intimate and instantly sends shivers down your spine. Simply delicious.