Saint Agnes - New Music "Introducing"

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When you describe your sound as American Old West you can guarantee I'm going to be listening to you, it's a sound I'm an absolute sucker for and as I've just returned from seeing Widowspeak (awesome), who perhaps have the style perfected, I'm ripe in the mood for more, all I'm lacking right now is the whiskey and the cowboy hat but London's (yep) Saint Agnes are here to transport me further to dusty, desert plains with their debut four track EP The Good Fight.

The feeling is never more apparent than on the woozy come down of closing track "Roadhouse Blues", with harmonica and bluesy guitars combining with lyrics of "Keep your eyes on the road, your hands upon the wheel // We’re going to the Roadhouse we’re gonna have a real good time", close your eyes and you'll almost be in a spaghetti western movie, aside from hitting a soft-spot of mine, it's a killer track too, all sultry, vocal drawl and psyche  mood - things which combine throughout the EP.

"Tower Falls" swirls with quivering, ominous organ, rolling drums and the twang of guitars, you can almost sense cold-blooded murder, add to that an addictive chorus hook and you might just have the EP's finest moment, that is until I work backwards to "Old Bone Rattle" which kicks off the EP with pure rock and roll fun times, with fuzzy guitars and stomping drums leading to sinister organ and a wonderful sprawling guitar solo to end the track - love it, a brilliant, polished debut is found.

Saint Agnes are a duo comprising of members from other London based bands, Jon (The Lost Souls Club) and Kitty (Lola Colt) and you can get the EP via  Bandcamp now, pay what you like - yes free - but perhaps a couple of quid to pay towards recording the next one....