She & Him #4 - I Could’ve Been Your Girl

Zooey Deschanel has rightly or wrongly become a love or loathe person over the past three or four years - I guess I must fit into the former - I’d be lying if I don’t say I cringingly (at times) love watching her New Girl TV show, a programme that does little to dampen the ‘irresistibly cute girl next door image’ she’s garnered. She & Him’s third full length Volume Three doesn't attempt to change their music direction either, another album of mainly original Deschanel compositions that could easily have been made some 50 years ago…

Latest single “I Could've Been Your Girl” is exactly that, pretty but predictable, that’s cool with me though, especially when it’s as joyful as this puppy-dog sweet track where buoyant drums and gorgeous strings are played with big-wide eyes and drenched in wistful nostalgia, unashamedly pop and completely irresistible– to me at least, and that’s all that matters here.

Volume Three came out this week on, yep, baby pink vinyl and the usual formats – shop. UK shows please.